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  1. CL

    This is my third time purchasing Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Beans from Josh and Ako here at Spice Bay Foods. My orders are filled by Josh who has been so helpful and patient with me choose the beans. All orders are shipped in time for my next recipe and and I am always pleased with the quality of beans I receive. The price is affordable, which allows me to experiment with recipes. Thank you Josh for your attention to detail and always making yourself available to me when needed. Sincerely, Christa Lee

  2. CP

    I purchased Grade A beans from Spice Bay for the first time in September 2021. I use them in my homemade jams and preserves. There is just no comparison between the HEB Store beans (2 per jar, shriveled, dry, and more expensive) and Spice Bay’s beans (long, plump, and moist). Adjare Ako takes great care in selecting, packaging and sending your beans to you. Yes, vanilla beans are expensive, but if you want to produce a great end product you cannot afford to use substandard ingredients: only the very best for my customers who keep coming back for more. With a little planning and care your beans will last awhile. Buy these beans. You’ll love them!! By the way, this review is written 6 months after my first purchase, and I have not been asked to write it. I’m very pleased with the product, and am purchasing again.

  3. AC

    I’m impressed. My last 3 orders of vanilla beans from different retailers have been sad due to various issues. One batch had very little smell or flavor and one batch was rancid. And the last bag was decent quality but several of the beans were split in half but counted as whole beans. Boo!!!These are great. I received today and when I opened the Amazon envelope, I could smell the deliciousness. When I opened the vanilla package the whole kitchen smelled nice.Immediately I used all but 5 beans for extract. Those I am saving for baking with. The beans are all about 6 inches. They are very oily! I filled the empty bag with sugar and taped it closed. My sugar will absorb the essential oils in the bag. I can’t wait to use it for coating cookies!Thanks for a quality product. It’s so frustrating buying online because you never know what you will get.

  4. O

    I used these to make vanilla extract. It turned out amazing!

  5. WH

    Great beans! Great size and the smell is AMAZING!