Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

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Spice Bay Foods’ gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Beans are hand-harvested and cured using the “bourbon” island method. This ensures the high-quality standard synonymous with Madagascar Vanilla Beans are maintained in the beans and seeds. The full richness of flavor with velvety undertones makes it ideal for cooking, baking, and preparing beverages.

Best Source: Spice Bay Foods’ Madagascar Vanilla Beans are organically grown in Madagascar. They are directly and sustainably sourced from Malagasy farmers at fair market prices.

Best Quality: The beans are authentic gourmet Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans. They are very moist with coveted vanilla essential oils (average moisture content of 30%-38%!!!). The beans are smooth, soft, flexible, and dense. The average length of each bean is 5-6 in. To preserve the superior quality of the beans, they are packaged in an airtight vacuum bag. 

Best Bulk Price: The zest vanilla adds to recipes is unrivaled by any other spice. At the cost per bean, vanilla is sold in stores, it makes the most sense to buy it in bulk. Compare our value and quality to other competitors; Spice Bay Foods Madagascar Vanilla Beans is an easy choice.

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Vanilla beans have been a prized spice over several thousand years. The spice is valued for its distinctive intense aroma and flavor complexity. The Vanilla Planifolia from the Islands of Madagascar is considered the industry leader for high vanillin content.

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83 reviews for Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

  1. Rbtalex

    Wonderful vanilla beans! As soon as you open the package the pleasant scent permeates the room. This is our second batch of vanilla we have made. We plan on continuing it ad infinitum.

  2. ndsoutherngirl

    They were plump and bigger than advertised; out of my ten I received only one was 6 inches, the rest were 8-9 inches. The smell was amazing. Bought them to make vanilla extract, they are brewing now. Fast delivery. Will buy again

  3. Tishy

    I have never purchased vanilla beans online. However, due to the in store price, I decided to try other alternatives. And I am thankful that I did! The beans exceeded my expectations and were better in value and quality than most I have purchased in my grocery store.
    The beans came fresh and moist in a vacuum sealed package. The aroma was so intense that I could smell it through the packaging.
    Once I opened the packaging, the rich sweet smell of vanilla was magnified through my kitchen. As advertised, most of my beans were between 5-6 ins; however a few of them were about 7 inches. They were fleshy, soft and moist with brown vanilla oil. When I opened the pods, I found a good amount of vanilla caviar which made a great addition to my cupcake frosting.
    They are truly high quality and potent. I ended up using the spent pod to flavor my creamer. I am already planning on buying more.

  4. godfred

    Great for making pure vanilla extract, taste amazing when used to bake products

  5. MRomanini

    These were very fragrant and flavorful, and much larger than expected. You could smell them as soon as I opened the amazon packaging, which was a great sign. Also good to note- they were all larger than what is stated in the description. Used them to make vanilla cupcakes and they provided a very strong vanilla flavor profile, which is exactly what I was looking for.

  6. Shauna

    We bought these to make vanilla extract and the scent and freshness were wonderful. I can only expect the flavor to be the same. These were packaged extremely well to ensure freshness.

  7. WJD

    All good, use them for making vanilla ice cream. Since each is double the weight of the supermarket beans, not to mention a fraction of the price, I can make all the ice cream I want and use all the beans I want.

  8. aw

    Haven’t had a chance to use them, but the aroma is fabulous !

  9. bigshopper

    These beans were fragrant, moist and measured at the advertised length. Bought them to make extract. I don’t think I will be disappointed.

  10. jody

    Great beans nice size. Plump

  11. Chantelle

    These beans surpassed my expectations. They are pliable, fragrant, and excellent value.

  12. janis

    FAST!!!! I ordered yesterday morning and it was waiting for me when I got home today. The smell?….DELISHHHH ♡ the beans look great, no signs of mold. I can not wait to use in my homemade vanilla.

  13. Pinion

    These vanilla beans were incredibly fresh and well packed! Homemade vanilla extract in progress now. The vodka base is quite dark and already has a strong vanilla aroma and taste after only ~ 1 week of starting the process. The process I used is as follows.

    Divided the beans evenly (by weight) between 2 x 1000ml (~34 fl. oz) bottles. (search: “leak proof bottles with metal clamp and silicone stopper”). Pre-bottling process was to cut the beans long wise from stem to stern with a good sharp knife so the vanilla caviar (that’s what they call it, heh) didn’t spill out. Don’t cut through the entire bean front to back, just a slit on one side like you’d slice open (gut) a fish, for example. Then I cut the beans in half to fit into the bottle with plenty of extra room for mixing during the shake process. Added Smirnoff vodka (but I understand almost any vodka will do) and done…

    …well almost. Now it’s just a matter of shaking the bottle at least once a week for 3-6 months then I’ll have plenty of the best vanilla extract money can buy. And no water added like some ‘pure vanilla’ extracts. I may have to filter the extract thru a coffee filter once at the end, just to get any stray vanilla seeds out but this won’t be a big deal. If you try this out, good luck and enjoy!

  14. Muniac

    I use these beans to make Vanilla Extract. I’ve been making my own extract for several years. These are the nicest vanilla beans I’ve used.

  15. FlyGirl

    Vanilla beans are darned expensive! I’ve been purchasing them for years. I don’t mind paying for them if they are good quality. As these ARE! I like to dry them out and grind them into powder or make a paste with them using a little coconut oil. I use the dried powder in my homemade coffee creamer. I grind the dried beans in my coffee grinder, ULTRA FINE. Once in a while, I will get a little piece at the the bottom of my coffee, but I don’t mind. When I use French Press at times, I will get some coffee grounds residue in the bottom of my cup, too. I don’t mind. The FLAVOR it give my creamer is amazing.

    These beans came shrink-wrapped so tightly. When I opened the package I instantly got a lovely waft of a rich, creamy vanilla. My husband was across the table and noticed it immediately as well. These would also make a wonderful extract perfect for baking. They are plump and moist. I keep them in a glass amber jar until ready to use.


  16. Luke

    Very fresh, smells WONDERFUL! Worked great for my vanilla pudding I made. Perfect for baking.

  17. Ran

    Beans were moist and fragrant.

  18. Irina

    Package came in 2 days and the vanilla beans are vacuumed and sealed into a baggie to prevent the air ruining flavor and freshness. I ordered 10 and 10 were delivered to me in great shape. The flavor of these beans are amazing, I bake often and using actual vanilla beans has been a game changer. Highly recommend purchasing from this seller, especially since Walmart sells one bean for $12. Great deal!

  19. Sharon

    I placed 2 orders of the vanilla beans at 2 different times, when I realized I needed more. The second package had no smell to it upon opening, and beans were much shorter. I know they come in different lengths, so hope they will be just as nice when I use them. I am making bottles of baking vanilla for Christmas gifts.

  20. Scott

    I am making my own extract and the scent is intense! Just chopped them in half and slit them then add 10 ounces of vodka with a little rum. Two weeks later and it smells like bourbon and vanilla. Exquisite!

  21. Deed

    About 7” long each. Definitely would recommend.Fana

  22. Barb

    These vanilla beans were perfect! Nice and fresh and a wonderful vanilla scent! I will order again!

  23. Cindyclaire

    You get what you pay for. These beans are excellent quality.

  24. Michele

    They smelled delicious, as soon as I opened the Amazon shipping bag. The pods are good sized, a few could have been plumper. There was a dark oil, dried on the inside of the bag that I expected to be full of flavor. Sticky but flavorless. I didn’t get a very strong flavor from cutting open and tasting it. They Are full of caviar though I wished the pods were a bit moister.I added 3 pods to my vanilla extract in the making. I’m going to use 2 for vanilla sugar and maybe make Real vanilla milk for my children and grandchildren. Hopefully, I can come back and edit my review. I’m really hoping the reviews I read are right, I love vanilla.

  25. Vanuko

    I’m making vanilla extract and some alcohol infusions using vanilla beans. I purchased gourmet grade a Madagascar vanill from a few sources to compare. I purchased these from spice bay foods, FITNCLEAN VANILLA, and Costco. They all are excellent quality and I’d give each 5 stars. The spice bay foods are the most plump, however 2 of the beans had small slices in them when I removed them from the packaging already. If it weren’t for that they’d get 1st place of the 3. Spice bay foods and FITNCLEAN VANILLA both were all beans at least 6″ in length. The Costco ones had some that were shorter than 6″.

  26. GEO

    The beans were as advertised. Oily, plump, fresh, and averaged about 7″ long. I purchased from another vendor also, they were good but not as good as these from Spice Bay Foods. After seeing the quality I made a second purchase. I will buy from them again.

  27. Momo

    I am making my own extraction in alcohol!! So far so good

  28. KC

    Great package, smells delicious

  29. Starlett

    These vanilla beans are all over 5″ long. They come shrink wrapped to ensure all flavor, smell, and freshness isn’t lost. I’ve got some brewing for vanilla flavoring. We are making ice cream again this Sunday with some. When these are gone I will be buying more. Great price for the product.

  30. CW

    It looks good. I haven’t started to use it. Will update once start.

  31. Mobetter

    I am using the product to make vanilla extract which is why I didn’t respond to the flavor question.

  32. BreckGirl

    Awesome product and affordable!!!! I bought some vanilla beans from our grocery store and was very disappointed that they were all dry and I could not even cut them. I ended up throwing them out. 🙁 Then I went to Whole Foods and their options were absurdly expensive! These beans were wonderful! They were very soft and smelled nice. I simply sliced them down the middle and put them in Bacardi rum to make my own vanilla extract. Very happy with the purchase and will definitely purchase again in the future!!!

  33. cricko

    Love the freshness and the smell

  34. MaineGal

    Love these vanilla beans, and I’m already soaking them in vodka for Christmas. Yum! This was my first time with actual vanilla beans, and I didn’t know what to expect … they were the proper size, and really fresh! A wonderful buy!

  35. Sharan57

    Excellent quality. Fragrant and potent

  36. Deanna

    Received as described.

  37. Drybread

    Ordered early so the vanilla will be ready for Christmas presents. Very nice beans.

  38. KimPossible

    Vanilla Beans were vacuum sealed, securely packed and are just what I need to start making another bottle of my own Vanilla extract. Would absolutely purchase from this Seller again. Thank you!

  39. Natalie

    Excellent quality and packaging. 10 fresh Grade A vanilla beans. I will purchase again.

  40. Wendy

    I purchased Madagascar Vanilla Beans for baking recently and liked it so much that I reordered to make vanilla extract. I plan to order again for holiday baking.

  41. CMackie

    These vanilla beans arrived promptly and the quality is the best. They are a good size and very fresh. I re-ordered some for making vanilla extract for gifts.

  42. DH

    Received 10 vanilla beans as ordered. Nine beans were plump and moist. One bean was dry and thin. They do smell amazing. 5 went into vodka for extract. Other 5 saved for cooking.

  43. bwork

    Was fresh

  44. opinionatedmom

    I used these to make vanilla extract. It turned out amazing!

  45. exmolly

    I bought these mostly to make homemade vanilla for Christmas gifts. Overall, I am happy with these beans, they were just a little skinnier and drier than I expected. They smell really nice and are full of seeds.

  46. Mel

    Bought these to make vanilla extract. Great quality product.

  47. NayNay

    Made homemade vanilla extract. Love the beans!

  48. Sondra

    Amazing company! Beautiful, fragrant beans!

  49. Charles

    Homemade vanilla extract. Scraped the beans then used the husks for vanilla infused sugar. Will be using both for thanksgiving stuff

  50. gospellover

    These beans came vacuum sealed. When I opened them the aroma was so refreshingly strong. I was so excited with the fragrance and moistness that I did not hesitate to begin preparing them to make vanilla extract. I ordered from another company with the bottle included. Their vanilla beans were dry and had no fragrance. I am so glad that I placed an order for this product. I will definite place another order. Also, the order was not due to be shipped until November 10th but I received them on November 8th.

  51. ThirdShift

    I usually don’t write reviews, but in these times where fake good and bad reviews dominate, I think it’s important to write reviews. I received 10 pods in an air-tight package. Upon opening, they were fragrant, the beans were moist and plump. No indication of mold or spoilage. When cut open the seeds were moist and easily scraped. I used this for a creme brulee and the spent pod was still fragrant so I saved it for a second use. I think this is well-worth the value, compared to buying it from the grocery store. I paid about $30 for 10 pods, I would purchase this again.

  52. Tayerclan

    I’m making baking vanilla. Beans looked and smelled wonderful. Cannot review taste because my vanilla is till steeping.

  53. CM

    This is my first experience with vanilla beans so I am not sure what to expect. These were moist, plump, and aromatic. I am using them to make vanilla extract. If I remember, I will post back in a few months and update how they worked.

  54. Shooter

    The best vanilla beans I have found. Big, plump, beans filled with that wonderful gooey paste. The scent when you break into the airtight plastic packaging is heavenly. Wonderful for baking or making extract. Expensive but worth it.

  55. Clueless

    Wonderful for making Vanilla extract.

  56. Kevalyn

    I ordered these for my first batch of vanilla extract and found them of good high quality. The aroma was very strong when you opened the packaging and each bean was more or less the same length and thickness.

    For my second batch I decided to try a different brand because I found these ones a bit expensive for me. That was a big mistake. The other ones I bought were no where near as fragrant and were very varied in size. To make matters worse, they turned slimey within days while soaking in vodka. I’m not entirely sure what happened there but my first batch was still doing great and slime free so I attribute that to the quality of the beans. Obviously I had to dump the entire batch.

    My third batch I went back to these beans. Again, the beans were of consistent size and quality. Again, the aroma was great. Lesson? You get what you pay for. These are more pricey for a reason and they’re worth it.

  57. Linda

    They were longer than described, very moist and have such a wonderful vanilla fragrance. I bought them to make vanilla extract and will definitely purchase more for baking! A very high quality bean!

  58. Mark

    I got these to make Khalua, and vanilla extract. So far so good. I’ll know more in s few months.

  59. Jjoctober3

    A good price for the item

  60. MFM

    Homemade vanilla

  61. Reo

    Very moist when removed from the airtight packaging. This is my first attempt to make extract and I am using 10 beans per quart of high end Vodka. It has been processing for a month and the extract already smells great. I plan to cure it for at least 6 months, or maybe up to a year before using.
    I would definitely buy these vanilla beans again.

  62. Mel

    Work well for making your own vanilla extract.

  63. Chattykathy

    I like the color and smell of my homemade vanilla. I haven’t used it yet so I couldn’t rate the taste yet.

  64. bostons

    They are packaged nicely in sealed bag and the vanilla aroma hits you as soon as you cut the seal. They are fresh and moist but not overly wet. I am making vanilla sugar and vanilla extract with mine. My hands smelled of vanilla all day after cutting them, I loved it. I did make the mistake of cutting them on my white cutting board, had to really work to get the brown coloring off but no complaints.

  65. Moses

    Using them to make vanilla. The freshness was just that! Very supple. The taste I still have 3 months to go for my vanilla to cure.

  66. Bobbie

    Vanilla here we come. Experimenting. Been in the bottles for 5 weeks and vodka smells like vanilla so it must be good

  67. Krise

    These are plump and so fragrant, perfect for baking or even to diy an extract. I’m very happy with these vanilla beans!

  68. Nick

    We made vanilla extract as gifts. Have not tried the extract at this time as it needs to set for two months.

  69. DaisyHead

    Vanilla Beans are expensive no doubt! These vanilla beans meet my expectations for sure! Soft and pliable with great aroma and taste. I will purchase again. Thanks

  70. Jeanne

    Used them to make homemade vanilla extract. Very good flavor, moist,- not dried out.

  71. Sarandipiyyme

    A made my own pure vanilla extract with these for the first time. They were very sticky and moist. I took a chance with this company and was not disappointed with the quality.

  72. JADE

    The beans were perfect fir my needs.

  73. Janet

    Making homemade vanilla.

  74. RetailMinimalist


  75. penny

    I don’t have a review yet. This is first time to order the vanilla beans

  76. Leanne

    I have been making home made vanilla for a while. These beans are by far the best that I have ever purchased! Will be definitely making these a staple in my cabinet.

  77. nathan

    Not the best I’ve had but pretty good all around beans.

  78. vzimm

    Plump, fresh beans at a reasonable price.

  79. bonniegirl

    OMG, what beautiful Madagascar Vanilla beans! They are not quite 8 inches long (all ten) and very lush, soft and fragrant.I use these to make vanilla extract for gifts and for myself. I can only imagine what Creme Brûlée will taste like.

  80. BJB

    I feel confident the vanilla extract i am ‘steeping’ will turn out well. But don’t deceive yourself to think making your own extracts are in any way cheaper than store bought. May have a better flavor but 10 times more expensive.

  81. Toolman


  82. JuJu

    These beans are the best I have found. High quality, fresh and thick. They are worth the price because
    you get what you pay for. I have purchased a few times from them and all of the bean are the same quality each time I order.

  83. Chana

    I just these to make my own vanilla extract. They are good quality and work fine, Package came on time, well packed. Thank you

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