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Grade A Vanilla Beans

Top notch vanilla beans that are just what our homemade ice cream needed!
These beans are Grade A Gourmet!
Don’t settle for less!


Delicious and wonderfully potent! I love making my own vanilla extract for baking, and these are perfect!

They were very fresh!!!

Outstanding, flavor, freshness!!! They arrived quickly and look and smell fabulous! Thank you for an outstanding product!

Mmmmm they smell good

These vanilla beans are all over 5" long. They come shrink wrapped to ensure all flavor, smell, and freshness isn't lost. I've got some brewing for vanilla flavoring. We are making ice cream again this Sunday with some. When these are gone I will be buying more. Great price for the product.

Great for making Vanilla

This is my 3rd batch. So far I've been happy with these and for making vanilla. 5 makes 1 qt. so this makes 2 qts vanilla.

Beans are fresh and smell good.

I ordered ten beans from this company to make vanilla extract. Their beans smell good and seem fresh - my batch has an expiration date of Aug 2020, no mold or anything. All 10 beans are about 6 inch long. I carved open the beans and then cut them into halves before putting them into the alcohol. In two days, my extract has already turned really dark and has a subtle vanilla smell. I will likely to order from them again if I need more beans in the future.


Great package, smells delicious

Happy with the purchase

This was my first time buying vanilla beans. They were plump and very aromatic. I appreciate this seller uses responsibly sourced beans

Fragrance is Wonderful!!!

This was extremely hard for me to make the decision to try this product. I did my research and narrowed down between this and another company. I bake so when the vanilla prices went up I went on the internet and found out I could make my own vanilla...I was EXCITED! I bought my first beans from Whole Foods and that was on 6/2018 it came out pretty good and have been baking with it.

Well I saw the 10 beans here and I read and reread the reviews. I trust Amazon they have been pretty good to me in regards to purchases and protecting customers. I read this company’s website and I felt confident that I would try it. I just opened it today and made me another bottle of vanilla using Sky Vodka. I could see that the beans were moist in the package and they were long. The fragrance could be smelled through the package even though it was fully sealed.

I cannot comment on the taste yet as I will let it sit for 1 year or longer because I still have my bottle made last year. I trust that it will be as tasteful as it’s fragrance. I’m glad I took the chance and ordered from this company...I don’t think I will need to make any more for a very long time. If your like me give them a chance and order from this company...again I’m glad I did.

Smell divine!!

I am making my own extraction in alcohol!! So far so good

Very nice beans

The beans were as advertised. Oily, plump, fresh, and averaged about 7" long. I purchased from another vendor also, they were good but not as good as these from Spice Bay Foods. After seeing the quality I made a second purchase. I will buy from them again.


The quality was very good !

The price for these beans is very very fair.

These vanilla beans were perfect for the homemade vanilla I am making.

Very pleased

Amazing quality and great value

Great beans

I'm making vanilla extract and some alcohol infusions using vanilla beans. I purchased gourmet grade a Madagascar vanill from a few sources to compare. I purchased these from spice bay foods, FITNCLEAN VANILLA, and Costco. They all are excellent quality and I'd give each 5 stars. The spice bay foods are the most plump, however 2 of the beans had small slices in them when I removed them from the packaging already. If it weren't for that they'd get 1st place of the 3. Spice bay foods and FITNCLEAN VANILLA both were all beans at least 6" in length. The Costco ones had some that were shorter than 6".

Fresh, well packaged.

You get what you pay for. These beans are excellent quality.


Came on time. The smell of vanilla was was great, I loved it. I added it to my vanilla extract. I would order it again.

Very nice!

These vanilla beans were perfect! Nice and fresh and a wonderful vanilla scent! I will order again!

Exactly as advertised

I'm making Vanilla for Christmas gifts and it's one day since I started. I already have color started in my Bottle. The beans are soft and have a wonderful fragrance.

All vanilla beans are insanely expensive...

but these are good ones. They were very fresh and smelled amazing. I’m using them for vanilla extract and would definitely purchase again.

True bakers need these. Great purchase.

Very pleased. I can't believe they are such a high quality bean for that price.

Nice vanilla beans

Have not used the vanilla beans yet but they smell wonderful and look great too. I plan to make my own vanilla extract with the beans.

Delivery was prompt and as described

Used my vanilla beans to make vanilla extract so that will take at least a month. Extract is percolating in time for Christmas cookies.


About 7” long each. Definitely would recommend.Fana

Giant plump beans

Huge plump beans, I’m using them for extract but they are so plump that I only used half as much as normal. I am looking forward to baking with the others. Will buy again!

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