Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Beans are hand-harvested and cured using the Bourbon island method. This ensures the high-quality standard synonymous with Madagascar Vanilla Beans is maintained in the beans and seed

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Customer Reviews

Our customers love using our vanilla beans

I have always ordered my vanilla beans from Spice Bay and have never been disappointed!! They are always plump and make the absolute best vanilla a baker could ask for! This vanilla is a game-changer in your baking!
Kent Levin
Montana, USA
Best price I could find for vanilla beans. I ordered several different kinds. Best price and the aroma from these beans was better than some of the others that I ordered that were more expensive.
Alyse Booe
Harrisburg, IL
Amazing vanilla beans!! We purchased these, Mexican, and Tahitian beans (from different sellers) all for the same purpose of extract. These are without a doubt the best! Long 6-7” pods bursting with seeds!!
Lesley Purdy
Las Vegas, NV
Beautiful, fragrant vanilla beans for extract making! Yours are my favorite Madagascar beans. Thank you for a great product and quick delivery!
Paul Stewart
Sulligent, AL
Vanilla caviar from Madagascar vanilla beans on a gold knife


To promote the use of natural vanilla beans!

Our mission at Spice Bay Foods is to promote and expand the usage of quality natural vanilla beans throughout different sectors of the food industry.

Vanilla is a highly sought-after commodity constantly under threat by chemical substitutes that have been created in labs.

We are committed to only providing artisanally cured vanilla beans that offer maximum economic benefits for our farmers and their communities.

The Spice Bay Difference

Our Mission to increase access to natural vanilla beans is
accomplished with the following principles in mind

Artisanal Quality

We use a time-honored artisanal process to create the perfect balance of moisture and vanillin in every vanilla bean.

Non – GMO

We do not work with farmers who use GMO plants and chemicals on their farms, ensuring the final vanilla beans are as natural as we can get them.

Vanilla beans with a cocktail and some fruits as garnish

Ethical Partners

We take pride in only working with farmers and partners who are committed to sustainable farming and social responsibility.


We are committed to investing in our farmers and their communities by paying a fair price for vanilla and supporting projects in their communities.